Each class begins with an educational portion and leaves time to actively practice our relaxation strategies.




Class #1-  Nutrition and Exercise


Labor is really an athletic event that needs the right training, exercises, and overall preparation to be successful!  Prepping both your mind and body will help to ensure a healthy mama and baby, can decrease the length of your labor, and lessen the likelihood of needing unwanted medical interventions.


Nutrition is vital in preparing for your labor.  For example, are you sure that you’re getting enough protein?  This is a critical nutrient during your second and third trimester; these amino acids are the cells’ building blocks and help your baby’s rapid brain development, as well as help build a strong amniotic sac, reducing the chance of premature rupture.  


Don’t spend your days Googling “Pregnancy Nutrition”, which will boggle your mind and drive you crazy, join us and learn what you need to know about vitamins, minerals, and exercise that are essential in your second and third trimesters.  




Class #2 & #3- Nuts & Bolts of Coping with Labor and Delivery


Here’s the bad news: labor will probably last longer than you’d like.


But there’s great news as well: staying calm, understanding the process, and not being in a state of fear is the best way to help the birth process progress, and often makes for a more comfortable experience.  


Exposure to media may contribute to unrealistic expectations and we often become more anxious if friends or family have had difficult labors.  We don’t want misinformation to deter you from anticipating your birth experience with joy!  We’ll help you develop habits that can result in optimum baby positioning prior to labor.  Learn tools to take with you to help you cope with all the stages of labor, from prelabor all the way to delivery, with special insights for the more difficult areas of transition and back labor.  Dads and support people will gain means to help their mama feel loved, supported, and encouraged.



Class #4- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Medical Interventions


No matter how much we prep for your big day, some things will be out of your control.  This class will enable you to comfortably assess the benefits and risks of medical interventions, how to seek alternatives assertively, how to tune into your intuition, and learn how to ask the right questions when needed (plus we’ll give you a decision-making acronym that you won’t forget!)



Class #5-  Meeting the Challenges of Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is so natural, but it can be incredibly challenging for many moms.  


Our class teaches practical ways to enhance successful breastfeeding, introduces the basics of a good latch, and introduces best positions for early newborn feeding.  Learn how to establish and increase your milk supply, recognize growth spurts, and how to approach the necessity of pumping.  


This is also an important class for dads-to-be who may feel left out of this special bonding time.



Class #6- Coming Home-Now What? (this class runs an additional 30 minutes)


After months of preparation and hours of labor, you’re finally ready to be home and get settled into your new parenting role but…now what??  LIfe with baby can be overwhelming, especially at first!


Often, as moms-to-be we focus most of our energy on pregnancy and labor preparation, while much less time is spent on what to expect afterwards.  We’ve heard from many moms that they wish they’d been better prepared for life with baby so we dedicate the first part of this class on what to expect next for all family members.  


Then the fun begins!  We’ve created our own hands-on Jeopardy game to review the theoretical and practical knowledge you’ve gained. There’s also a labor “test” for moms and dads to practice together.  You’ll also leave with helpful community resources to use during the postpartum period.  



We look forward to welcoming you to our Redding classes and being a part of your successful parenting journey!