Local Resource List

                          Miscellaneous Organizations, Products, and Services


Abuse Support and Crisis Intervention

            One Safe Place-www.ospshasta.org

            1670 Market St. #300, Redding

            Hotline: 244-0117 (Redding), 474-1910 (Shingletown area)


Addiction Services

            Empire Recovery Center: 243-7470 (office), 246-8339 (hotline)

            House of Hope (women and children): 241-1561

            Right Road Recovery: Anderson 365-8523, Burney 335-3800

            Shasta County Alcohol & Drug: 225-5240

            Shasta County Meth Task Force (referrals/resources): 247-7444

            Teen Challenge, 634 St. Marks St, Redding, CA 96003: 246-1561

            Visions of the Cross (women and children): 722-1114          


Baby Carriers and Support

            Redding Babywearing Fellowship: Facebook Page and Support Group


Baby Teething Necklaces

            Located in Redding, CA: www.rawamberbabyteethingnecklace.com


Breastfeeding Equipment

            Health and Human Services Agency, Breastfeeding Support: 245-6466


Breastfeeding Support/Milk Donation

            Shasta Breastfeeding Support Center: 1220 Sacramento St, Redding, CA 96001, 245-6466

            La Leche League, Redding, CA:  Contact Kim at 549-4675 or Avw4Kim@aol.com, www.llli.org

            Nancy Dellamaria, IBCLC Lactation Consultant: 242-0134 (home), 413-563-1424 (cell)

            Ruth Ann Thorton, IBCLC Lactation Consultant: 

            Redding Milk Maids Facebook group


Children's Hospitals

            UC Davis Children's Hospital: 2315 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95817, 916-734-2011

            Children's Hospital of Oakland: 744 52nd St., Oakland, CA 94609, 510-428-3058


Chiropractors - General

            Kay Andersen: 983 Mission de Oro, Redding, CA, 222-5920

            Susan Bailey: 664 Azalea Ave., Redding, CA, 221-8750

            Christine Cosh: 2007 Pine St, Redding, CA, 244-1185

            Alicia Mitchell, Healing Matters: 1751 Hartnell Ave., #2, Redding, CA, 223-9377

            Dr. Lydia Reiner: Redding, CA, 245-0402

            Dr. Todd Royse: Chiropractic First 1435 Market St., Redding, CA, 243-0889


Chiropractors - with Specialized Training working with Pregnant Moms and Children

            Dr. Christine Cosh: 2007 Pine St, Redding, CA, 244-1185

            Dr. Bobby Fano: Vertical Chiropractic, 940 Hilltop Dr., Suite D, Redding, CA 96003, 221-1228

            Dr. Lydia Reiner: 2851 Park Marina Dr. Suite 100 Redding, CA, 245-0402



            Bethel Church: 933 College View Dr., Redding, CA, 246-6000

            First Church of the Nazarene: 2225 Bechelli Lane, Redding, CA, 223-0454

            Little Country Church: 873 Canby Rd., Redding, CA, 222-4092

            Pathway Church: 777 Loma Vista Dr., Redding, CA, 221-5683

            Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church: 2600 Shasta View Dr., Redding, CA, 222-3424

            Redding Christian Fellowship, 2157 Victor Ave., Redding, CA, 222-3425

            Risen King Church: 6100 Oasis Rd, Redding, CA, 244-2300

            The Stirring:  2250 Churn Creek Rd, Redding, CA, 510-1990

            Trinity Alliance Church: 20639 Hwy. 299, Redding, CA, 549-3266

            Trinity Lutheran Church: 2440 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA, 221-6686


Crisis Pregnancy Centers

            CareNet  Pregnancy Center: 2460 Athens Ave., Redding, CA, 246-7075

            Christ's Eternal Love, New BIrth Center (free housing ages 18-24): 355-0749

            LifeLight Pregnancy Center: 2919 Bechelli Lane., Suite A, Redding, CA, 222-5200


Dental Clinics

            Shasta College Dental Hygiene Clinic: 339-3608

            Shasta Community Health Dental Clinic: 247-7253


Early Child Care

            Centralized Eligibility List (helps with subsidized child care): 225-2999,                 


            Resource and Referrals for licensed child care: 225-2999

            Shasta Head Start and Early Head Start: 241-1036

            Trustline (background check for in-home care): 1-800-822-8490


Early Intervention Programs

            Early Childhood Services  (special education, birth-3 yrs.): 225-2999

            Far Northern Regional Center, developmental disabilities:  222-4791

            Rowell Family Empowerment of No. California, special needs support: 226-5129                

            Shasta Head Start and Early Head Start: 241-1036


Family Practice Physicians

            Dr. Jennifer Miranda: 243-3339

            Dr. Andrew Solkovits D.O.: 243-3339

            Dr. Andre Van Mol: 222-3225


Health Food Stores

            Orchard Nutrition: 221 Locust Ave, Redding, CA, 244-9141


Health Services

            Child Health & Disability Prevention (dental/health screenings, immunizations):  225-5122

            Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Program: 225-5850

            Perinatal Care Guidance: 245-6422

            Shasta Community Health Center (sliding scale available):

               -  1035 Placer St., Redding, CA, 246-5710

               -  2801 Silver St., Anderson, CA, 378-0486

               -  16300 Cloverdale Rd., Anderson, CA, 246-5910

               -  4215 Front St., Shasta Lake, CA, 246-5896

            Shasta Community Health Urgent Care: 246-5705

            Shasta County Public Health: 225-5591



            Enloe Medical Center, Chico, CA:  530.332.7300, www.enloe.org   

            Feather River Hospital, Paradise, CA:  877-9361, www.frhosp.org

            Mercy Medical Center, Redding, CA:  225-6000, 225-6000, www.redding.mercy.org

            Mercy Medical Center, Mt. Shasta, CA, 926-6111, www.mercymtshasta.org

            St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Red Bluff, CA: 529-8000, www.redbluff.mercy.org

            Sutter Davis, Davis, CA: 756-6440, www.sutterdavis.org


Housing for Pregnant Moms

            Christ's Eternal Love, New BIrth Center (free housing ages 18-24): 355-0749



            Shasta Community Health Center: 246-5710

            Shasta County Public Health:

               -  Anderson, CA, 229-8200

               -  Burney, CA, 335-6700

               -  Redding, CA, 225-5591

               -  Shasta Lake, CA, 229-8444


Infant/Toddler Play Groups

            Bright Future Playgroups (birth-5 yrs.): music & yoga classes

               -  Burney, CA, 335-4600

               -  Fall River Mills/McArthur, CA, 336-5511, ext. 1225

               -  Round Mountain, CA, 337-6736

               -  Shingletown, CA, 474-4220

            City of Redding, Parks and Recreation: 225-4095

            Redding 1st MOPS Facebook (Mothers of Preschoolers), 1st Nazarene Church,  223-0454

            Redding YMCA: 246-9622



Libraries and Story Times

            Anderson Library: 365-7685

            Barnes and Noble Bookstore: 222-2006

            Cottonwood Community Library: 347-4818

            Redding Library: 245-7253


Massage Therapists



Multiple Birth Groups

            Twins Support Group (and other multiples): 245-6466

Nutritional Consultation

           Sarah Speicher at restorebalance-nutrition.com


Parental Support Groups

            Bereaved Parents Support Group, Mercy Hospital: 243-4467

            Children First Parent Partners: 242-2020

            Discipline That Works: 225-4915

            Mommies Support: 245-6466

            SLATE  (Success Living with Autism): 226-5129


Personal Trainers

            Emily Camera; 415-786-4211; eabercrombie@gmail.com


Placental Encapsulation

            Ashley Houchin: 605-8893



Social Services

            Northern Valley Catholic Social Services: 2400 Washington Ave, Redding, CA, 241-0552


Special Needs Services and Support

            California Children's Services (helps with high medical expenses): 225-5760

            Center for Autism Support and Treatment (CAST): 248-3000

            Child Health and Disability Prevention: 800-971-1999 or 225-5122

            Children's Diabetes Type 1 Support Group: 225-5478

            Early Intervention Program: 225-2999

            Far Northern Regional Center: 222-4791

            The GREAT Partnership (Enterprise, Gateway, & Redding Districts): 224-4137

            Heartspring (communicative handicaps, birth-age 21): 800-835-1043

            Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California: 226-5129

            Shasta Head Start and Early Head Start: 241-1036

            Shriner's Hospital (referral line):  800-237-5055

            SLATE (Success Living with Autism): 226-5129

            Special Education (Shasta County Office of Education): 25-0303

            Therapy Station (occupational therapy services): 242-1511


Teen Parent Support Groups & Assistance

            CareNet: 2460 Athens Ave., Redding, CA, 246-7075

            LifeLight: 2919 Bechelli Lane, Suite A, Redding, CA, 222-5200

            Teenage Pregnant and Parenting: Redding, CA, 241-0552


WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) Services

            Anderson, CA: 225-3716

            Burney, CA: 335-6700

            Redding, CA: 225-5168

            Shasta Lake, CA: 229-8444