"We felt calm and confident going to the hospital. We especially loved that the class focused on both mental and physical preparations for birth. Our strong recommendation to anyone interested in having a positive birth experience is to make the investment in this class!"

                                                      Chris & Lori McNeill 

“The birth classes helped prepare us to work as a team and have a plan for what we’d do in various situations. I had a much better gauge concerning how to cope with the pain, and felt like I knew what was happening. These classes helped me go into labor without any fear, and aided me in having an entirely natural labor and delivery!” 


                      Holly & Justin Smith 

“The information and instruction from this class solidified my decision to have our baby naturally and really prepared us to face the birth with confidence.” 


    Kim Basial & Joseph Kelley 

I felt very prepared for birth after participating in class. I had a solid knowledge base, which helped me feel prepared psychologically. Grace Doulas are very clear, calm, and honest - I appreciated those qualities very much!        


        Danielle & Ryan Beck 

"Great advice for dealing with pain and letting my body do what needs to be done during birth!  I couldn't have a natural birth withour your advice and help."                 


        Jacob & Heather Lee 

"How I love these women; we highly recommend their wonderful classes and care! You'll be blessed to have their help in the most beautiful moment of your life!"


             Connie Lewis

"Grace Doulas helped me feel calm and confident throughout  my  entire labor. I followed their tips and advice without even realizing it!"  


Beverly Hutchings &

John Mieling

"Grace Doulas provided and equipped us with the knowledge and tools to go through childbirth with confidence. We couldn't imagine what the experience would have been like without this class!"


         Stephanie & Tim Hino

"Grace Doulas were amazing!   So educational and a great bonding experience. Highly encouraged!"


        Chelsea & Keegan Lutz

"During the whole birth, I was completely focused on the relaxation and breathing techniques I learned in the class. I felt so in control and powerful through the entire process!"


       Gareth and Anna Peace

"Grace Doulas were so informative and helped us accomplish a natural pregnancy and birth. We were so thankful for the candle trick! Come to their class to find out what that is!"


      Jake, Amanda & Bailey Souders

"This class was invaluable to our birthing experience. The class taught us to have a plan, but how to be flexible if "the plan" didn't happen. My husband and I were so much more equipped to tackle our very fast labor and feel confident in the steps to take." 


     Mark, Katie, & Jonah Buschgens

"Brad and I loved the classes! They were very informative and practical. Grace Doulas are great teachers and are wonderful at imparting courage and empowering mommies! We would enthusiastically recommend these classes!


       Brad & Rebecca Baker

"This class made my husband feel so much more a part of the childbirth, giving us many options to try during the labor. This second labor was longer than the first. Without taking this class, my husband wouldn't have known how to be as supportive as he was. I also wouldn't have known my options."


            Kelsey & Michael Bucks

"We are so grateful for Grace Doulas and all they taught us. We learned so many useful techniques that really helped us through a difficult labor. We received tons of support before, during, and after our labor. We highly recommend Grace Doulas!"


   Matthew & Hailee Anderson

"The class that Grace Doulas provided gave us the tools to feel as prepared as possible during labor. Highly recommend!"


               Liz Rhodes

"I would literally not have known what to do without these classes ... and I work in medicine!"


             John Sichmen

"We have had an amazing experience with Grace Doulas. The class was very informative for both of us. Every class was interesting and engaging. The atmosphere was inviting and we became good friends with some of the other couples from class. During labor I felt prepared when difficult times arose and was able to make educated choices based on the information I had learned. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to participate in this great class. 


   Chad, Savannah & Brylee Wilson

"The best thing about the birthing classes was being able to put everything you are taught into action on the day your baby arrives! They teach you so many tools that you WILL remember and use. The knowledge you gain is important and life changing. You will have a better birthing experience after taking these classes. I surely did! Learning how to push proerly and having a supportive group of woman around me was most helpful."


                      Kirstin Freeman

"The information and knowledge we were taught in class was truly a gift. Both my husband and I learned so much that helped make my pregnancy beautiful and made the birth an experience that words cannot express. Grace Doulas taught us how to be better people and parents. The Natural Method of birth is such a gift to you and your baby. We cannot thank them enough for sharing their knowledge and wisdom. You both are a gift to everyone you meet and to every child. We highly recommend the classes to every person we know and meet that are expecting a baby."


                Sarah & Casey Markle

       (written after giving birth to their 3rd baby)



"Tricia and Cole Laustalot here from your recent birthing class....Everett Louis Laustalot was born March 28th. Healthy 9 lb 5 oz 22 1/2 inches long baby boy! Thank you for your childbirth class! Natural Childbirth successful!"


              Tricia and Cole Laustalot 

"The birth was a blessing, thanks to the class. Even though we had originally planned an all-natural homebirth, i was able to keep completely calm when we had to rush to the ER, due to an unexpected breech birth. The roving limb relaxation checks and slow deep breathing saved my life and gave me the confidence to push through, now blessing us with a beautiful baby girl.  "


      Amanda Melcher & Zane Black 

"The childbirth class made my birth easier by putting my mind at ease. I felt very prepared for labor and am very grateful for all of the knowledge I gained."


    Mikala Seurer & Aaron Brungardt

"We attended this class for our first baby. We cannot imagine having had our baby without this class. We practiced exactly what we learned and were able to have a healthy, safe delivery at our home. The class was informative and practical. We felt prepared and aware of what was going on during the entire labor and delivery. I would definitely suggest these classes for anyone preparing for an upcoming delivery."


                Danny & Heidi Addy


"We would have been lost in labor and delivery without the information we learned in this class!" 

                       Ross and Jaclyn   


"Taking this class equipped us with fundamental knowledge that we used to make educated decisions."  

                             Aaron and Elizabeth

"As a first-time father-to-be, I was nervous about the birth of our daughter.  After taking this class, I felt confident because I knew enough to be helpful. I highly recommend this class!"


                  David Ovies

"Thank you! This class really changed everything for us!  We feel so much at peace with the whole process and much more connected." Suzanne and Christopher

“Having had 2 previous hospital-induced births, I was nervous and a little unsure of what to expect when going into labor naturally.  The class not only educated me on what to prepare for, but made me feel comfortable with having my husband coach me through a drug-free labor and  birth.”


           Stephen and Kayleigh McIntoch

“We are so happy we signed up for this class!  We got a lot of great information and useful practice. Once we went into labor, we realized how much we actually learned.  Thanks to Grace Doulas knowledge and support, we had a wonderful experience and grew closer as a team!


           Nicholas and Guina Waters 

“It was wonderful to have Carolee's care and support for the birth of our daughter. Having a doula definitely helped us stay focused and maintain perspective. She was great at suggesting different techniques to keep labor progressing, and always had encouraging words. Her presence certainly had a positive impact on our birth experience.”     


       Chris and Lori McNeil

"Grace Doulas were amazing, calming childbirth teachers. After attending just the 1st class I knew we could get through the birthing experience all natural and give our baby the best gift a mom can give her child. I could not have gotten through labor as calm as I did without taking this class. I am ready to give birth again:)"


                           Alita Catlin 

"The class gave us the knowledge to ask questions we didn't know to ask. It made our experience one where we felt empowered.  As a new father it gave me much needed tools to support my wife and new baby."

Dustin, Grace and Josephine

"Jessi did amazing yesterday! Thank you so much for your class! Even though we were induced 10 days early with Pitocin, Jessi delivered Kareese without any pain meds or an epidural! Thank you for all the tools! They are so empowering!​"   

                                                                                       James Wilson 

"Very informative class!  Wish I had one of these amazing teachers as my doula!"     

                     Mei Ling Miller 

“I had to have a C-Section in the end, but going to the Bradley Birthing Classes really helped me prepare my body and bind for birth.  The information was great and took away a lot of fear that I had.”  

                                                              Vishnu Washburn 

"I can't say enough about Carolee.  Having her as my doula was one of the best decisions about birth that I made. I was doubtful that I needed a doula, since I used a midwife; but I most certainly did! She offered encouragement and comfort. Throughout my entire labor, both my husband I felt safe and empowered - both which are priceless feelings during birth."

                                                                                                      Danielle Beck

"We were immensely happy with the classes.  They helped us understand the stages of labor and what to expect during labor.  I was able to naturally give birth to my baby boy Collin."


Jennifer & Garett Hattenhauer

"The birthing classes that we took from Grace Doulas were very informative about so many things.  During my labor, we did end up doing and trying many of the techniques they taught us.  Beyond that, they were very warm and caring.  I ended up with a rare late pregnancy condition.  They both each took the time to do research in an effort to understand it and offer me support."                                                                                                                           Sandra Perez 

"We were so happy to have had Carolee as our doula. She helped to create a nurturing and comfortable environment in active labor, and kept us both on track and feeling secure during the transition and pushing phases.  She also got along great with the hospital team, who all praised her for her professionalism.  She made such a difference in helping us prepare for and experience a wonderful birth; we'd heartily recommend her to anyone!"


           Tanya & Shad Sundberg

"After already having three children, I took the class hoping for more tools to use during childbirth. I felt so empowered and had a much better experience than before, especially during the pushing phase!"          


Jennifer Bidaurreta  

"A huge thank you to Grace Doulas for preparing me for the task of natural childbirth, as well as your support during labor!   You ladies are amazing!!!"  

                                                                                         Marjie Young 

“Our experience with Grace Doulas was great.  The instruction and attention is personable and engaging.  You see the definite benefits of the classes when you reach the actual labor experience.  We would definitely recommend these birthing classes to others.  The cost of the classes is probably underpriced for the attention you get and what you gain.”   


           Dr. Clint & Molly Evans 

"Studying the Bradley Method helped me to feel more comfortable about giving birth. The breathing and relaxation exercises helped me the most when I was in labor. It gave me great ease knowing what to expect and what was going to happen with each stage of labor."


        Krystyna & Ryan Wood